Russian politician makes $72 million dollars a year from fishing business

Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Kamchatka Territory Igor Yevtushok declared an official income of 5.5 billion rubles, which is equal to about $72.6 million USD. Over the past year, he earned more than three billion rubles, according to the declaration. In the last reporting period, its revenue was 2.3 billion rubles. Yevtushok owns a garage, four non-residential premises, five Mercedes-Benz cars, a snowmobile, as well as a 180-square-meter apartment shared with his wife.

The official income of his was 2.7 billion rubles ($35.6 million USD). Yevtushok is a member of the United Russia Party and a co-owner of the Okeanrybflot fishing company. He has been heading the list of the richest deputies of Kamchatka for several years.

Earlier, the income of Russian President Vladimir Putin became known. He earned almost 10 million rubles last year. Among the vehicles assigned to Putin: two cars GAZ 21M (“Volga”), “Niva” and a car trailer “Skif”. At the same time, the press secretary of the president Dmitry Peskov earned more in 2020 than Putin.

“Not only did the press secretary earn more than the president, many earned more than the president,” he explained, adding that civil servants are paid differently.