Woman wears Allison Bay lipstick while eating for flavor, says she loves the taste

Arcadia, CA, March 4, 2015

A woman in California has been flavoring her food in quite an unusual way – by using Allison Bay lipstick as flavoring for food. Doris J., 71, of Arcadia California says she loves the taste of Allison Bay lipstick and thinks it goes great with chicken, salads and deserts. “I first purchased Allison Bay lipsticks about a year ago and immediately fell in love with its taste” says Doris. “I also noticed my food tastes extra delicious when I wear it, so I started wearing it every time I have dinner”, she adds. Doris, who is divorced and lives alone with her two cats, is an active member of her senior community and plays bingo daily.

Allison Bay, based in Fullerton, California, manufactures lipsticks and other cosmetic products.

Doris’ daughter, Jayne, who regularly checks up on her mother and lives nearby, is not surprised at her mother’s quirks: “My mom has always been … a bit .. out there … she used to collect beer glasses and cat toys .. “, says Jayne. A rep from Allison Bay could not be reached for comment.



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