WITNESS OF THE CRASH FOUND: A witness of the Russian TU-154 Plane Crash in Sochi describes what happened

Witness of the plane crash of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Tu-154 near Sochi told about the details of the crash, saying that it looked like the crew was trying to land the plane in the water.

The witness was the employee of the FSB Coast Guard Troops, who was at the time of the incident on the boat in the water near Sochi. He said that the plane was taking off from the airport of Adler, then began to decline rapidly, instead of climbing.

At the same time the border guard said that the position of the Tu-154 in the air seemed strange even for a plane trying to land, it looked like a motorcycle on its rear wheel. A moment later, the plane, according to him, touched the sea surface, with the tail of the plane breaking upon impact, then falling into the water and quickly sinking.

Experts are saying the crew tryied to gain altitude too quickly. According to them, the plane began to lose speed and height due to pilot error, too vigorously attempting to lift the machine. As a result, the Tu-154 probably stalled, which led to the loss of speed lift of the wings and the subsequent destruction of the plane.

As the newspaper notes, A TU-154 crashed in similar circumstances in August 2006 near Donetsk on its way from Anapa to St. Petersburg. The captain, trying to rise above the storm front, made mistakes that led to the stalling of the aircraft from a height of 12 thousand meters.


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