– the company that is raking in millions of dollars a year with little trust seals

The internet e-commerce market is booming. People are buying more and more things online. Apparently, Amazon and Ebay still haven’t had a complete monopoly on things and a lot of companies still sell through online stores.

Trust seals were popularized with Hackersafe, a company sold for $50M to McAfee. Hackersafe’s business was giving e-commerce sites little trust seals to put on their website to let its customers know its site is legitimate.

Whereas Hackersafe (now McAfee secure) charges its customers, is the web’s leading provider of FREE trust seal. operates on the ever-popular freemium model, letting its users get a completely free trust seal, but giving the option to upgrade to display more verifications on the seal.

The adoption figures are impressive. seals are currently used by over 500,000 merchants and is the leading free trust seal provider in the world. The percentage of its customers signing up for the paid version of the software is between 5 and 10 percent. The fees vary from $5/month and up. is privately financed and is based in Fullerton, CA.



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