Russia launches Wheely, an Uber competitor

Wheely, a service similar to Uber and designed to compete with Uber, has launched on 17th of December.

This service is the first ever such service in Russia. The service is currently operating in Kazan, Ekatirenburg, Perm and Sochi (site of the Olympic games). In spring 2016 it will launch in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The fees and tariffs should remain the same, but will differ from city to city: for example, in Kazan they are currently 50 rubles + 4 rubles / minute (about 0.75usd + 0.03c per minute)

Until now, Wheely has worked with professional drivers using its own cars. This service will remain for business and premium customers.

Wheely is designed to be used by any driver, all they have to do is download WheelyPartner and start giving people rides to earn extra income.

The drivers will have certain safety requirements, a background check. The cars must be not older than 5 years.

The service will directly compete with Uber and Lyft.


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