MessageMe adds stickers as a monetiation tool

MessageMe is a messaging app joining a crowded marketplace that includes the recently acquired WhatsApp, Kik, Line, Tango and many others. It currently has over 1 million downloads on Google Android and is completely free, unlike WhatsApp that charges $0.99c a year.

The startup is the new kid on the mobile messaging block, having launched in March, going on to quickly raise $11.9 million in funding. The service, which lets users exchange text chat messages, share their location, videos, images and more, passed 5 million registered within its first 75 days of life, but for now the company is not providing an update on that number.

The update to MessageMe brings both paid and free stickers to its iOS and Android apps, representing its first stab at monetizing the young service. While Line has been public with its sticker revenue, the bulk of which comes from Asia, less is known of the potential to sell packs in Western markets, like the US and Europe, where MessageMe’s core audience resides.


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