It’s all for the OIL – Russia’s Secret Private Military Base

To the zones of military operations in the southeast of Ukraine or in Syria Krasnodar is quite far away.But here is probably the most famous now in Russia private military organization – PMC Wagner, whose fighters in just a few years were noted in the Crimea, Donbass and Syria.

The fact that the camp of this PMC is based near the Molkino farm, 30 kilometers from Krasnodar to the south along the M-4 Don, was written by RBC magazine in the summer of 2016.Journalists of the newspaper reached the village and talked with the servicemen of the 10th Brigade of the GRU of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation at the first checkpoint.What happens behind it, whether there really is a Wagner PMC camp and what it looks like – all this remained unknown.The other day was able to visit there.znakcom-1870002-666x375From Krasnodar to Molkino can be reached by bus, which goes from the bus station in the direction of the district center Hotkey, or by taxi.In one case the tariff is 80 rubles, in the other – “ruble”, that is, 1 thousand rubles.Actually, Molinkino itself is a pair of two-story brick apartment buildings, several private ones, one street – Officers’ and one grocery store with a very modest set of goods.The checkpoint of the 10th Brigade of the GRU is a hundred meters from the village, on the other side of the M-4 “Don” and the railway, which runs parallel to the highway.

The traffic in the checkpoint area is quite lively.Constantly call in and leave some cars, back and forth are people in civilian clothes and uniforms.Most of them rush to the left – where the asphalt road goes and where the military unit of the Ministry of Defense is located.By the way, according to open sources, “Tank biathlon” is regularly held at the local training ground, as well as games of the reenactors.

The camp of Wagner’s PMC, as far as is known from RBC’s publication, is in the opposite direction.znakcom-1870003-666x393

First gearbox

“You see, the primer goes to the right.On it go, you will pass one more checkpoint and further, there they stand “, – the soldiers directed me at the first checkpoint.At first, I confess, nobody wanted to let a stranger in my face.But the phrase “to Syria” has here, it seems, a magical effect.At the “second checkpoint” guard is another GRU soldier.As well as his colleagues at the main checkpoint, he is armed with a bayonet knife, outfitting – body armor and helmet.But attention to passing by almost does not draw.She quietly sits on a stool in the booth, listens to the radio and drinks tea with biscuits.

Before the Wagner camp go for about 10 minutes, about a kilometer.I met a young man in a civilian with a camouflaged backpack behind his shoulders and headphones, a couple of cars with people in uniform, but without signs of difference.Approximately 200 meters before the camp, the road makes a sharp turn to the left.From here one can clearly see two-story houses lined with light green siding, with green roofs, a lattice fence along the perimeter and parking with a dozen parked cars in front of the gate.

“Is this Wagner’s team?”– I ask the man who sits behind the wheel of the “dozen”.

– Yes, there.Look at the gate, “he pointed to the gate in the fence.

On the perimeter, by the way, video cameras are installed, but they are all facing inwards, not outward.Apparently, no one is afraid of any actions from outside, and it is much more important to control what is happening inside the camp.

Barracks of the campBarracks of the camp

There are three houses.As it turned out later, it’s the barracks.Judging by appearance, the buildings are quite fresh.A little further away are the stacks of boards of fresh, whitish-yellow wood.It seems, despite the tragedy of February 7 in the Syrian province of Deir ez Zor, no one is going to curtail their activities here.On the contrary, the camp is planned to be completed further.

Near the barracks in several groups, about two dozen men are milled.Their belonging is difficult to establish.At all a mixture of military and civilian clothes.There are several cars – two UAZ pickup trucks and Toyota, as well as a four-wheel drive KamAZ-painted “blue-out” painted in blue.On the fence there are signs that warn that the object is in a controlled state and that video surveillance is in progress.

I open the gate and go to the green car, where the guard is sitting.In front of me, a man in a “green” and again without signs of difference.Once again I try to make sure whether I got there: “Is the Wagner team here?” In response, only a nod and a counter question: “What did they want?” I catch on me a tenacious, studying look.

View of the camp PMC from the roadView of the camp PMC from the road

Initially, it was clear that I – a journalist – will not be welcome here.To pretend to be willing to serve under the contract is also problematic: I’m not much like a military man.

But since I got here, I’m trying to find out at least the fate of those whose names sounded on the list of the dead on February 7.In the end, it is still not known whether these people are alive, missing or dead.My interlocutor with the words “speak for whom you need to know, bro” writes the names on a simple piece of paper.A second later, another “Wagnerian” appears behind me.I can not hear footsteps, I guess about the second only by the mimicry of the first, the one in the box.I leave the contact phone and retreat.I suppose that immediately after my departure the leaf with the list of names got into the trash can.

On the way back I meet another with a bag on my shoulders.I try to talk, but it was only possible to find out that tomorrow is to be sent, so today in the camp something like a day.They give the chance to rest a bit, to put themselves in order.However, very quickly, and this companion calculates that in front of him is not a potential co-worker.The look becomes cold, the conversation abruptly terminates.I return to Molkino.

Camp PMC on Google MapsCamp PMC on Google MapsGoogle Maps

The street is deserted.After some time I managed to talk with one of the villagers, an elderly man.The interlocutor introduced himself as Alexander (his name was changed for security reasons – note by is a former military man, now he lives permanently in the village, contacts and even continues to “work” (exactly, did not specify) with the servicemen of the military unit.Regularly intersects in the “Wagner”.According to him, they appeared in Molkino about 5 years ago, “even before Ukraine.”In the first year of the existence of this special detachment, none of the local did not even suspect.Only then the information began to somehow leak out.

The conversation goes smoothly to the events of February 7 in Deir ez Zor:

– Why can not the Wagnerites tell their relatives anything, at least send some news?

“They will not say anything.”This is such a company that there is a full *** (end), there’s nothing to learn.Even I, here I live and work with them, but still do not know much.They are all so set that no one should tell anything.With them you talk, and they pretend that they do not know anything, do not understand anything about what you are.Although the Internet open, and everything is shown – how they were covered, how many cars, how many.And I even know the guys who were in the epicenter right there.

The funeral of Cossack Alexei Mitin from Ryazan, who died on February 15 from wounds received a week earlier in SyriaFuneral of Cossack Alexei Mitin from Ryazan, who died on February 15 from wounds received a week earlier in SyriaThe site of the Ryazan diocese

– What they’re saying?

– This can not be told, especially to mothers.The heart will only tear.Better start up hope and wait than that.There is no reason for them to know all this, you understand ?!It’s only in Moscow say that ours were not there.87 people were killed there and a lot of missing people – more than 100 people.

– Missing?

– Without a trace.They were torn to pieces in it, meat was collected in the field and sent here.

– And where did you send it?

– In Rostov (meaning Rostov-on-Don – comment and in St. Petersburg.They will restore now by tokens and DNA, who is who.

– And how long will it take?

– ABOUT!Long.If no one from the house is interested in, they will remain silent.They are profitable, they do not need to pay.

Soldiers of the Wagner PMC in Syria. Photo provided by the family of Stanislav Matveev, whose name falls into the lists of the deadSoldiers of the Wagner PMC in Syria.Photo provided by the family of Stanislav Matveev, whose name fell into the list of the deadYaromir Romanov

– How much they get paid?

– First, for the deceased 5 million was paid, now reduced.I heard that 3 million are already given.

“Were the wounded brought here, too?”

– This time also to Rostov and St. Petersburg.Half there, half here.

– And such here did not hear, that with them: Alexey Shihov, Ruslan Gavrilov, Cyril Ananiev, Igor Kosoturov, Alexey Lodygin, Stanislav Matveev?(they all appeared in various lists of the dead, published earlier by the media – note

“No one knows anyone by name here.”Only nicknames, callsigns.They are all the “Fox”, then “Boar”, then who knows who else.

“Do they hand over all the documents, too, when they arrive?”

“They all take it.”Passports, certificates – all completely.They are given tokens and only later on they will be identified.There are now up to *** (many) of these medals this time collected.Now all this will be analyzed.But the fact that no one went to prison (pronouns with pride).

“They were hollowed out of the air.”

– Our first started.There first their artillery, ours, that is, *** (struck) on the Kurds.And the Kurds are walking under the Americans.They warned that stop.And ours – no, ***!They also need to select this oil refinery plant.So they got it.First, the American artillery completely covered our artillery, completely destroyed it.And then their drones flew in and started bombing.First, bombs cleared the whole area, leveled it.Then they started with helicopters.Whoever moves, they immediately finished off.That’s the whole story.How many young boys died, where do they go, *** where?

– Well, Assad called on Russia to help?

– Do we need this *** (bad) Kurdistan, or what?For whom did they beat off this refinery, for Putin?These fagots lie to us completely!What the TV says is nothing but lies!Bastards!No Russians ever beat anywhere, son, they divide oil.On the blood of children these fagots earn money!For whom these oil rigs – for me, for you, can?

– And in Ukraine, why such a mess?

– Donbass – is that, in your opinion?This is coal, the entire main industry of Ukraine is there.Now we are already deep in the ass and even further into it zalazim!The whole world has already turned against us, on whom are they hoping in this Kremlin?Okay Chechnya was – it was our territory and we can not allow this to happen to us.In this Putin was right, I do not mind.With Ukraine and so and so could also turn.You can still understand.But now, why?They stuck their heads, *** knows where!Through nine seas and ten lands, ***.And these guys, those who go twice, they are already sick on the whole head.They can not live without it already, nuts already.

Former commander of the GRU from Asbestos Igor Kosoturov, whose name appeared on the list of those killed on February 7 in SyriaFormer commander of the GRU from Asbest Igor Kosoturov, whose name appeared on the lists of those killed on February 7 in SyriaJaromir Romanov

– Like this?

– Recently, one such person came to see who was there in February.Hardly escaped, ***.Next to it, the shell exploded, its blast wave was discarded.He tells that they are ruffling, who was near, a man straight into pieces immediately broke into pieces, only shreds flew.And he was only slightly hooked, but that was enough.All legs in a sieve!He was hardly repaired, he had come here on crutches, fir-tree-sticks, money to receive.I received money, but he says: “Only let my feet heal, I want to back, I’ll get back for my own people!”Yes, *** your mother, you, I say, God saved!He could, together with those who scattered pieces, stay there.Sit at home, eat your bread!No, they are sick already.I’m telling you exactly!Psyche is everything.

“Money, maybe?”

– Yes, *** into your mouth.Well, how much will they get there, 200?At home, work only, do not boo and do not be lazy – 40-50 men will have a month.Runs if, then 3 million can be earned here in a year.I never send my children to such a *** in my life.I will not allow it, I will ruin it with my own hands, than such!To whom did they do well?We went to the next world for nothing, and that’s it!

Interview with the wife of the Ural fighter “PMC Wagner”, who died in Syria

– They say the new party is being prepared for dispatch?

– Today or tomorrow must be sent.

– They send them from the port in Novorossiysk?

“From the military airfield.”From here, by buses to Rostov and with Rostov planes already there.These, who this time came, will go half to Syria, half to another.

– Donbass?

– No, they have not sent anyone to the Donbass for a long time.In Africa, these will go.(previously it was reported that Wagner’s PMC would be involved in Southern Sudan – note from

“And what in Africa?”

– ***, we are all silent, and such a *** create that *** (end)!In Africa they will not fight.Even weapons will not be.

“Then what will they do?”

– Instructors will teach.


– It’s against America again everything is done, their interests are cut down.Those against us, we are against them.Again, everything is new.They used to pay better before.

– Is it better – how much is it?

– 400 thousand per month with combat and even more.Slowly, slowly, and now made 200. Cut in half, count.Although now they are even more at war than before.This is not the Donbas, where they stood still and shot back and forth.There with IGIL (a terrorist organization banned on the territory of the Russian Federation – note by is not holly, guys are hard, ***.It’s a pity, of course, these guys are ours.I knew many of them.

The 38-year-old Stanislav Matveyev, whose name also fell in the list of victims on February 7 in Syria38-year-old Stanislav Matveyev, whose name also fell in the list of victims on February 7 in SyriaJaromir Romanov

– There are about 20 people in the camp on the street now.

“It’s just in the street.”While there are 150 people the team is not going to, they are not sent anywhere.150 people are the smallest party.This time, recruits to *** (a lot) scored.They almost all put the old people there in February.Four days ago five buses left – the first batch.Now four more buses will be sent.Five or six buses are sent, two or three buses return back.How much this Wagner appeared there, everything goes well.Two or three buses will return, and then the wounded, who are discharged from hospitals, groups of five or six people start each day, up to ten people appear behind the money.So it goes.

Survivor mercenary PMC Wagner told the media details of the Battle of Deir-ez-Zor

– How long do they go?

“Six months.”This time, for some seven months, some were detained.Not everyone, only specialists, snipers, for example.Today they have only junior commanders there.With them you can not stretch half a word.Their security service works very well, you do not have to joke with them.They can kill themselves, if you did something wrong.They will say later that they died in battle, or they will put them in such a place, that they will never come back.

– They say that before they had one more base near the village of Vesely in Rostov.

– No, they trained and they always sent from here.And Rostov only accepted, there they paid money.Now everything has changed, they already send and receive money.And what is this money?Hands, legs are not – and this is a lifetime invalid.What will he do now?If before that could, then which *** went there ?!What now without legs to do – stand in a carriage in the middle of the road and beg for money?If you, as it should be, give your life or health for the country, it is understandable.Military pension is appointed, nursing obligatory.And these – who do they need?It’s all an illegal company, and if they even find out that he was there, it’s a criminal term.No one tells them that abroad those who were in PMC are considered murderers and are judged as murderers.Do not look there, abroad, you shot there or did not shoot!He worked in a private military company, he was there – everything, a murderer.

* * *

I return to Krasnodar.On the street plus 15, spring.Everywhere on the lawns a green grass breaks through, in the fields people are preparing to plant potatoes.No hints at the fact that somewhere there is a war.In the eyes, however, dozens of policemen and Cossack druzhinikov, who took under the strengthened control of the railway and bus station, rush.“Homeless again, probably chasing.There were a lot of them again, “the saleswoman from the kiosk on the station said, from whom I take a bottle of water.


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