“In my 30 years working on cars, I’ve never seen anything like it” – Tesla owner reports FATAL FLAW

In a post on ELEKTREK.CO, a site that reports on electric car news, we found a comment from a Tesla owner describing a fatal design flaw on a Tesla.

The comment was on an article describe Tesla’s first owner fatality – a man dying after driving a Tesla off a cliff in a swanky Southern California beachside neighborhood.

Link to Article: http://electrek.co/2014/12/31/first-tesla-owner-fatality-reported-as-man-drives-off-cliff-in-sonoma-county/

Comment below describe the Tesla flaw that could’ve resulted in a horrible accident:

Let me start off by saying that I absolutely love my P85+, I also own stock in Tesla and believe they are going to change the direction most other auto makers are going.

That said, I did have an issue on 10/9/13 where my car would pull to the left under acceleration and then back right when I laid off the go pedal. I purchased the car 6/22/13 and it had 4,400 miles on it the day I felt this problem. I am very mechanical having worked on cars my whole life. Before I put the car on my lift, I researched online about the MS pulling under acceleration. After weeding through usual online chatter, I did find posts from a few people who said some suspension bolts had loosened up in their cars and the service center re-torqued and loctited them. When I got home from work I put the car up on the lift and couldn’t believe what I found. The passenger lower ball joint nut was not just loose, it was a few threads away from falling off! (I have pictures, but don’t know how to post on here) I couldn’t believe it, since in the 30+ years I’ve been working on cars, I’ve never seen a ball joint nut come loose. It simply just doesn’t happen. I decided to check all the bolts in all for corners of the car and found the same nut on the drive side to be hand tight (it was loose, but hadn’t spun all the way down yet). I also found a loose bolt on an alignment arm on the driver rear. Had I not noticed this “pulling”, which by the way my wife didn’t, I probably would have had a day before the passenger ball joint came completely out and my passenger wheel would have been parallel to the ground. The potential for loss of life and/or vehicle damage was huge!


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