Imgur exposed: How Imgur makes money and creates content

The reason I wrote this is because IMGUR operates in a large way through deception, by disguising ads as regular content and sometimes lifting images off the net and inventing captions for them with no reference to original authors. Enjoy.

IMUGER MAKES BULK OF ITS MONEY VIA SPONSORED CONTENT is a very popular site that displays popular/interesting images in a gallery style.

But how does the site make money? Is it those banner ads you see on the side? Yes, but it’s a small part of their revenue.

Most of the money they make is through sponsored content. 

What is sponsored content? It’s images inserted into Imgur’s gallery promoting products/companies/movies that are disguised as regular content. They are created and displayed very covertly, to make it look like someone on the internet created them, when in fact they are products of corporations advertising or they are created by Imgur’s team for their advertisers. 99% of the general public does not suspect this and it’s usually done in a very clever non-descript way.

Nowadays, IMGUR’s content is filled with pictures with various references to shows, tv’s, companies. Most, if not all of these, are paid. Here are a few examples from today’s gallery – 1/11/2014


South Park: (top image- someone paid big bux for this)

Jimmy Fallon:

Walter Mitty movie:

And there are many more. Just go to IMGUR now and see how many images are about some product/company. Those are usually paid.

IMGUR CONTENT is created by lifting images off the net

So how do so many interesting/funny images appear on IMGUR? Is it IMGUR users submitting them? Perhaps some. But a large amount of them is CREATED by IMGUR team by browsing around the Internet and lifting images from where ever they could and then making up captions for them. Imgur has a whole team (several people) whose job it is to do this. They also usually make up some kind of a personal caption. Example: they find an image of some person doing something and the caption reads: my friend/brother/uncle is doing this and that/etc.


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