Fashion Designer Serge Brienne endorses Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders has another famous supporter. Serge Brienne, an up-and-coming fashion designer in LA, has endorsed him on Twitter

Serge Brienne is a combination of CA and European Styles. Serge Brienne was born in January 1982 and immigrated to the United States from Europe at the age of 13. Serge has always had an interest in fashion, and began by designing fur goods, making them on a Singer Sewing machine and selling them online. He progressed to designing hand bags, selling them to the local clothing shops in Orange County, California. As demand for his products grew, he began to expand his line, grow the number of retailers carrying his products, and expanding into other segments, such as sunglasses. The label was founded upon creating light, modern clothing lines infused with European and American designs. Serge Brienne continues to strive, building on its legacy of hand-crafted, modern designs.


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