Clippers 2b sales price is PR brain washing

Clippers $2B price analysis proves official price is bogus

Here’s an interesting thing about clippers … 2nd highest bidder was like $1.2 or 1.5B, so technically a bidder could offer 1.55b and be winning bidder if that was true? is it really realistic to believe even ballmer went ohhh 500M who cares, let me just do a round 2B? No, even he wouldn’t do that, or he wouldn’t be as rich as he is if he was this financially incompetent.

They said $2 billion is 16x revenue so their revenue was 125M and net profit was probbly 12m … and investors usually want to get their investment back in 10 years, so the true price of Clippers should’ve been $120M. Perhaps, it could even pull in $300M, just because of the sentimental value, but no way no how not in an alternate universe could it be $2B.


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