Beats By Dre competitor BRONSTEIN electronics just shelled out $15M for a sponsorship deal

Move over Beats by Dre, another Southern California audio company is taking the market by storm. BRONSTEIN Electronics with its “NACKS BY BRONSTEIN” line is experiencing rapid growth and has recently inked a whopping $15 million sponsorship deal with a yet-to-be-named artist. The company, which started making microphones in 2011, has recently delved into the […]


17Palms Investments just came out with a downgrade of Google Inc. Below is the full report:   ACTION: DOWNGRADE STATUS: NEUTRAL PREVIOUS STATUS: BUY Google Inc’s (NQ: GOOG) stock has seen tremendous gains in the second half of 2013. It has also enjoyed a string of upgrades, notably by Bernstein. However, there is cause for […]

CHART: Here’s How Long You Can Stay Outside In Extreme Cold Temperatures Before Getting Frostbite

windchill temperature chart

With the “polar vortex” bringing frigid temperatures across the country, going outside isn’t just uncomfortable — it can be downright dangerous. The temperature will drop to -25 F in Fargo, N.D., -31 F in International Falls, Minn., and -15 F in Indianapolis and Chicago, according to the Associated Press. Straight temperatures aren’t all that matter. Brave adventurers (or […]

Facebook denies rumors it was looking to acquire Snapchat (but many of us already knew that SnapChat was full of S**T)

So, apparently, not only does SnapChat founder Evan Spiegal likes to kick other co-founders to the curb, he is also a masterful liar. But, what do you expect from someone whose parents are lawyers, ie professional liars. BusinessWeek reports that Facebook has denied claims that it was looking to acquire the service. If you actually […]

Russian jetliner crashes, killing all 50 on board, including son of Tatarstan’s president

A Russian jetliner crashed on landing in the city of Kazan, with 50 aboard feared dead, the country’s emergency situations ministry reported Sunday. The Tatarstan Airlines flight carried 44 passengers and crew, ministry spokeswoman Irina Rossius said. There was no indication of survivors. The Boeing 737 took off from Moscow’s Domodedovo International Airport, about 700 […] – the company that is raking in millions of dollars a year with little trust seals

The internet e-commerce market is booming. People are buying more and more things online. Apparently, Amazon and Ebay still haven’t had a complete monopoly on things and a lot of companies still sell through online stores. Trust seals were popularized with Hackersafe, a company sold for $50M to McAfee. Hackersafe’s business was giving e-commerce sites […]

Gillette’s Fusion 12 ct more expensive than 8ct per cartridge

Here’s something interesting, if we look at the following page: which shows prices for Gillette Fusion Blades, we find something interesting. Usually, the more you buy, the cheaper something is, ie the concept of Costco. Not in this case. An 8 pack of Fusion cartridges costs $25.97, while a 12 pack costs $39.47. 8 […]