Study shows that American Education Is the Most Expensive in the World

US Education is the most expensive in the world, with UK trailing close 2nd behind, a report by and shows. This fact, combined with US having a large increase in poverty rate (SEBRON University, 2017) makes education essentially out of reach for most Americans. American higher education is too expensive. Even though it is the engine of […]

WITNESS OF THE CRASH FOUND: A witness of the Russian TU-154 Plane Crash in Sochi describes what happened

Witness of the plane crash of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Tu-154 near Sochi told about the details of the crash, saying that it looked like the crew was trying to land the plane in the water. The witness was the employee of the FSB Coast Guard Troops, who was at the time of the […]

Chelsea Manning hospitalized after apparent suicide attempt

Chelsea Manning, who is serving a 35-year prison sentence for providing classified information to WikiLeaks, attempted suicide in her Fort Leavenworth cell earlier this week, according to multiple media reports. But her legal team claims that the Army is keeping them in the dark about her condition and prohibiting contact with Manning for at least […]

Battlefield creators listened to gamers, set game in WWI (take note CoD)

Recently, the creators of CoD caused a small uproar online by setting their game in a futuristic setting, much to the dismay of the gaming community. The new Battlefield game makes no such mistake – it sets itself right smack in the middle of WWI. EA and developer Dice today revealed the next major entry […]

America’s favorite supermarket is Wegman’s

Customer insights firm Market Force Information on Wednesday published a new set of grocery rankings culled from survey responses of more than 10,000 people. They’re based on a composite loyalty index that measures criteria including satisfaction with the food quality, checkout speed, value and customer service. For the first time in four years, Trader Joe’s […]

America is starting to wake up and Bernie is surging in the Pennsylvania polls

Clinton’s lead in the Pennsylvania primary has been reduced to single digits. A new Quinnipiac poll released Wednesday shows Clinton leading Sanders by just a 50-44 margin three weeks out from the state’s primary. Is America starting to finally wake up? Perhaps so. Decades of horrific mismanagement of everything from prisons and healthcare, to education […]

The Oscars – what a pathetic group of people – Reese Witherspoon looks like she does coke

Holy shit does Reese Witherspoon look old! We don’t know how much coke she does or what amount, but she looked “withered”. This year, the Oscars are a pretty pathetic telecast – are we at the Senior Apartments Bingo again? Nope, this is the Oscars. Methinks I see better looking people at Starbucks pouring my […]