Snapchat – a PR campaign of LIES

Have you been reading news about Snapchat recently? Business Insider likes to print a lot of them. Yes, the same business insider that’s run by an ex-con. Newsflash: every single word that comes out of Snapchat‘s PR department (which is probably the founder himself, Mr. Spiegel) is a lie. No, Facebook did not offer to […]

ALERT: Twitter traffic has been steadily dropping

According to ( Twitter traffic has been steadily dropping for the past year. It’s no wonder they are rushing their IPO while they still can. Twitter is another Internet company with no clear monetization company that has been using a strong-arm PR strategy trying to dupe people into thinking it’s worth billions. We don’t […]

Parasite makes mice not afraid of cats – it’s ultimate goal is to infect cats who eat these mice

Mice may permanently shed a fear of felines when infected with a parasite. The effects linger long after the parasites disappear, a study shows. The protozoan parasite Toxoplasma gondii can infect most mammals, including humans, But the parasite can reproduce only in the feline gut, so cats need to eat animals infected with T. gondii to keep the parasite generations going. Perhaps […]