Why Tesla could be a very risky bet

An investor should be cautious with Tesla’s stock, here’s why: Compared to Microsoft, Oracle and even Google, it has very little switching cost and its competitors could easily make a car that’s just as good or better. What happens when Toyota or Nissan makes a model to compete with Tesla and this model sells well? […]

Swiss Home Prices Are Approaching Level of 1989 Bubble, UBS Says

By Corinne Gretler, BLOOMBERG,  Jan 21, 2014 4:01 AM PT Prices in Switzerland’s booming housing market are approaching a level last reached in 1989, shortly before a slump in values that hurt the economy for years, UBS AG said. Residential-property values are about 5 percent lower than the market’s peak when adjusted for inflation, the Swiss […]


17Palms Investments just came out with a downgrade of Google Inc. Below is the full report:   ACTION: DOWNGRADE STATUS: NEUTRAL PREVIOUS STATUS: BUY Google Inc’s (NQ: GOOG) stock has seen tremendous gains in the second half of 2013. It has also enjoyed a string of upgrades, notably by Bernstein. However, there is cause for […]