Battlefield creators listened to gamers, set game in WWI (take note CoD)

Recently, the creators of CoD caused a small uproar online by setting their game in a futuristic setting, much to the dismay of the gaming community. The new Battlefield game makes no such mistake – it sets itself right smack in the middle of WWI. EA and developer Dice today revealed the next major entry […]

Oculus Rift will cost at least $350

The Oculus Rift VR headset will cost more than $350 (~£230), according to company founder Palmer Luckey, putting its price at the very top of early estimates. Earlier this year, Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe hinted that a complete Rift system, including a suitably powerful computer, would cost about $1,500 (~£1,000). Obviously, the UK prices are […]

New Virtual Reality Invention let’s you walk around your virtual world

How is it possible to walk through 3D virtual realities while staying in one place? Engineers from the Vienna University of Technology have solved this problem and are now introducing their “Virtualizer”. Head-mounted devices, which display three dimensional images according one’s viewing direction, allowing the users to lose themselves in computer generated worlds are already […]

20 Stupidest things you can do in GTA V

The 22 Dumbest Things You Can Do In "Grand Theft Auto V"

22. Drive a tractor off a cliff. Via 21. Hurl yourself face first into a fence. Via 20. Fail, somewhat pathetically, to vault this obstacle. Via 19. Bamboozle a dog into getting run over. Via 18. Belly flop awkwardly onto a bunch of pedestrians. Via 17. Take a selfie. Via 16. Somehow contrive to fall backward out of a car into a […]