Can Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt make “Passengers” sci-fi lovestory successful?

Early Tuesday morning we finally got our first real look at Passengers, the much-anticipated sci-fi adventure/love story co-starring Hollywood’s biggest and most likeable stars, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. And what a sight it is! There’s Michael Sheen as a dapper bartender robot, and a spaceship that looks more like a luxury cruise ship where, apparently, Lawrence can find the […]

Chelsea Manning hospitalized after apparent suicide attempt

Chelsea Manning, who is serving a 35-year prison sentence for providing classified information to WikiLeaks, attempted suicide in her Fort Leavenworth cell earlier this week, according to multiple media reports. But her legal team claims that the Army is keeping them in the dark about her condition and prohibiting contact with Manning for at least […]

Bernie Sanders polls ahead of Clinton following debate, CNN deletes post in which Bernie Sanders is leading by up to 80% over Clinton

According to unconfirmed reports on Social Media, Bernie Sanders was leading by up to 80% over Hillary Clinton in a poll on The poll was removed from as of 4:20pm PST October 14th, 2015 Time Warner, which owns CNN, is a major contributor to the Hillary Clinton campaign. Hence, CNN promotes and presses […]