Can Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt make “Passengers” sci-fi lovestory successful?

Early Tuesday morning we finally got our first real look at Passengers, the much-anticipated sci-fi adventure/love story co-starring Hollywood’s biggest and most likeable stars, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. And what a sight it is! There’s Michael Sheen as a dapper bartender robot, and a spaceship that looks more like a luxury cruise ship where, apparently, Lawrence can find the […]

15 cool facts about the 2016 Olympics

We’re more than halfway through the 2016 Olympics (time flies when you’re wagging fingers) so Fox Sports looked at the medal count as it stood Monday morning, saw the U.S. at the top, sung the Star-Spangled Banner and came up with a few facts about the overall Rio medal tally with less than a week remaining […]

Chelsea Manning hospitalized after apparent suicide attempt

Chelsea Manning, who is serving a 35-year prison sentence for providing classified information to WikiLeaks, attempted suicide in her Fort Leavenworth cell earlier this week, according to multiple media reports. But her legal team claims that the Army is keeping them in the dark about her condition and prohibiting contact with Manning for at least […]

The Most Profitable Indy Movies of 2013

Movies ranked by budget vs profitability. The Aztec Box – Budget: $4,000 – 25,000, Box Office: $2,400,000 Instructions Not Included (Lionsgate/Pantelion) – Budget: $3.2M – Box Office: $44,467,206 12 Years a Slave (Fox Searchlight) – Budget: $5.5M – $37,951,371 Blue Jasmine (Sony Pictures Classics) – Budget: $2.1M – $33,022,324 Mud – Budget: $4.2M (Roadside Attractions) […]

Battlefield creators listened to gamers, set game in WWI (take note CoD)

Recently, the creators of CoD caused a small uproar online by setting their game in a futuristic setting, much to the dismay of the gaming community. The new Battlefield game makes no such mistake – it sets itself right smack in the middle of WWI. EA and developer Dice today revealed the next major entry […]


Vladimir Putin’s Spokesman and wife embroiled in luxury scandal


As Vladimir Putin’s official spokesman, Dmitry Peskov is no stranger to fielding allegations of wrong doing and corruption from the Russian opposition. But this weekend the Kremlin’s public face found himself facing down media outrage aimed not at the Russian head of state, but himself. Mr Peskov married his partner of five years, Olympic champion […]

Bernie Sanders polls ahead of Clinton following debate, CNN deletes post in which Bernie Sanders is leading by up to 80% over Clinton

According to unconfirmed reports on Social Media, Bernie Sanders was leading by up to 80% over Hillary Clinton in a poll on The poll was removed from as of 4:20pm PST October 14th, 2015 Time Warner, which owns CNN, is a major contributor to the Hillary Clinton campaign. Hence, CNN promotes and presses […]

Oculus Rift will cost at least $350

The Oculus Rift VR headset will cost more than $350 (~£230), according to company founder Palmer Luckey, putting its price at the very top of early estimates. Earlier this year, Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe hinted that a complete Rift system, including a suitably powerful computer, would cost about $1,500 (~£1,000). Obviously, the UK prices are […]