10 Top Affiliate Programs for Vloggers/Bloggers/Monetizing Your Youtube Video


ResumeRobin.com resume distribution network is our absolute top winner for monetizing your vlog or Youtube Video. ResumeRobin has a great, fully automated affiliate program that is completely free to join and gives you immediate access to links and banners

Commission Junction

Commission Junction allows affiliates to earn commissions by driving traffic and conversions to advertisers via their website or blog. The program offers a pay Per Call solution, which enables affiliates to promote an advertiser’s products or services through a wide variety of distribution channels via trackable, toll-free numbers.

Booking.com Affiliate Partner Program

If you own a travel blog, why not attempt to make some money out of your love for travel writing by joining the Booking.com Affiliate Marketing Program? After signing up to the affiliate network you’ll have the choice of placing a search box, link or banner onto your website. Commission is tiered, ranging from 25% for 0 – 50 stayed bookings per month, to 40% commission for 501 or more stayed bookings per month.

Covert Kit

Convert Kit provides an excellent resource to earn commissions through blog advertising. Bloggers can earn a generous 30% commission for anybody they refer to the site.


VigLink asserts it can transform your content into a thriving ecommerce business. This affiliate network will identify any commercial products mentioned on your website and automatically transforms the content into revenue generating links. Whenever anyone makes a purchase through that link on your website, you will earn a commission.

Escalate Media

Do you own a blog related to women’s issues and lifestyle? If so, you could be earning money from Escalate Media. Affiliates can sign up to the network, which offers primarily family-friendly items, such as coupon prints and surveys. All income earned from the program is paid monthly by PayPal.


Swoop’s designed specifically for food bloggers. Simply place a code in the header of your food blog and Swoop will embed an ad within the content of your blog, where it finds the best contextual match. Revenue is generated by clicks on the Swoop’s link from your site.


ClickBank is a well-established affiliate network program, which feature digital products such as software, e-books and membership sites. The program has tens of thousands of products available for bloggers to advertise on their site, which reportedly offers up to 75% In commission.

AdSense Network

The AdSense Network provides an easy and flexible way for affiliate advertisers to make automated revenue with minimal manual maintenance. Bloggers can easily turn their passion for writing into profit by AdSense. Bloggers simply select an advert to go on their site that’s right for their audience and choose where they want the ad to be placed. When the ads are seen or clicked on, blog owners will automatically earn money.

Gourmet Ads

Make money out of your passion for writing food-related content through Gourmet Ads. The site only displays cooking and food orientated ads, and aims to make bloggers the most money possible from every pageview on your site.


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