Not only in Russia: Hundreds of Keystone pipeline protesters arrested at White House

(Reuters) – Police arrested hundreds of young people protesting the Keystone XL project on Sunday, as demonstrators fastened themselves with plastic ties to the White House fences and called for U.S. President Barack Obama to reject the controversial oil pipeline. Participants, who mostly appeared to be college-aged, held signs reading: “There is no planet B” [...]

Why Tesla could be a very risky bet

An investor should be cautious with Tesla’s stock, here’s why: Compared to Microsoft, Oracle and even Google, it has very little switching cost and its competitors could easily make a car that’s just as good or better. What happens when Toyota or Nissan makes a model to compete with Tesla and this model sells well? [...]

MessageMe adds stickers as a monetiation tool

MessageMe is a messaging app joining a crowded marketplace that includes the recently acquired WhatsApp, Kik, Line, Tango and many others. It currently has over 1 million downloads on Google Android and is completely free, unlike WhatsApp that charges $0.99c a year. The startup is the new kid on the mobile messaging block, having launched [...]

Swiss Home Prices Are Approaching Level of 1989 Bubble, UBS Says

By Corinne Gretler, BLOOMBERG,  Jan 21, 2014 4:01 AM PT Prices in Switzerland’s booming housing market are approaching a level last reached in 1989, shortly before a slump in values that hurt the economy for years, UBS AG said. Residential-property values are about 5 percent lower than the market’s peak when adjusted for inflation, the Swiss [...]

Christie held Sandy funds hostage, demanded City of Hoboken allow private developer build on land

Jan 18 (Reuters) – Two members of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s administration warned a mayor that her town would not receive Superstorm Sandy relief funds unless she approved a redevelopment plan Christie favored, the mayor of Hoboken said on Saturday. The claim by Mayor Dawn Zimmer comes as Christie, a Republican seen as a [...]

Snapchat – a PR campaign of LIES

Have you been reading news about Snapchat recently? Business Insider likes to print a lot of them. Yes, the same business insider that’s run by an ex-con. Newsflash: every single word that comes out of Snapchat‘s PR department (which is probably the founder himself, Mr. Spiegel) is a lie. No, Facebook did not offer to [...]